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ME as of Nov. 24, 2008

I was born in Cambridge, Mass on 8/1/1941 and was raised in Belmont, Mass (a suburb of Boston) and later moved to Boston. So all my life I have lived in and around Boston.

After graduating High School I went to Newton Junior College for 2 years then Boston University for 2 years.

I spent the summer of 1968 as an intern at Ford Stockholm but managed to stay there until January 30, 69. I would probably be still there but they did not want to show me on their books as of Jan. 31.

While in Sweden, I took my pre induction physical for the Army in Bremerhaven, Germany. After leaving Stockholm I traveled throughout Europe and The Middle East for a few months. Upon returning to the states, Uncle Sam wanted me, however the feeling was not mutual.

At Fort Dix it was too cold for us to go on Bivouac (so we were told); our unit was headed Fort Sam Houston to be trained as medics (I was looking forward to this as I like to travel). About an hour before graduation I went up to my suiteJ to take a rest and woke up in an Ambulance. I had an epileptic seizure and was taken to the Ft. Dix Hospital. The army got me on a technicality which is why I do not collect anything.

For the past 25+ years I have been employed by Partner’s HealthCare, the parent company of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in the Finance Dept. You might say I get paid to type. It proved to be an asset for recently I was as patient at Mass General and was able to view my account. Presently my Partners location is the Schrafft Center in Charlestown, some of you might remember Schrafft as they used to make candy.

I have been Clerk of the West End Civic Association for several years. It all started when I was invited by pamphlet to attend a monthly meeting. I was quite impressed with an elderly gentleman, elderly to me, whom was later known to me as Paul Schratter. WECA is involved with happenings in the West End and for $25/yr membership you can’t go wrong.

Perhaps one of the best things Dad did was make his 3 sons lifetime 32 degree Masons and lifetime members of the Shrine.

A car I do not own as a parking fee is required by the Condo Assn. at home and by Partners at work. I rely instead on Zipcar where you can rent by the hour versus the day or week. Thus I save owning an automobile, which is an asset in this economy.  And Zipcar pays for gas and in some instances parking. In addition there are 4 cars available at my Condo. Thus the parking is free and the only expense is the rental.

As I am beyond retirement age, my co-workers have been asking me about retirement. I have no immediate plans to retire; am enjoying life and having a good time.


Where I reside. About the best advantage is convenience. It is close to all MBTA subway routes; and that is necessary if you do not have an auto. And it is about a block away from Mass General Hospital where I often eat in. Another eatery is the Phoenicia, sorry but no web page; nice Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine.


My call sign is N1LRT or as my girlfriend says “number one lousy radio technician”. I was first introduced to amateur radio from a friend at Community Boating. At that time I worked for Brigham and Women’s Hospital, before the merger into Partners Health Care System, out on route 9 or 850 Boylston St. and found studying for the exam quite easy, something to do during lunch and breaks. I am a member of the Boston Amateur Radio Club and Minuteman Repeater Association, to name a few.


I received my first social security check in Aug., 07 and decided to go on a cruise. Various people have been hinting… So I booked a trip on RCL’s Caribbean Princess to the Caribbean. That was followed in Jan., 08 with the Celebrity Millennium cruise to the Caribbean; then in Sept., 08 from Boston / Bermuda on the Norwegian Dream. A co-worker strongly suggested I take this cruise. Leaving from Boston was a plus. I wrote a review that appeared in Cruise Critic. As of 11/2/08 it was there, as of 11/22/08 it was not. I did a quick search in Google and did not see the sale of the Norwegian Dream, but apparently the powers that be at Cruise Critic have inside informationJ In Jan. 09 we plan to cruise to the Caribbean and Panama Canal on HAL’s Zuiderdam.

my evil twin brother - looks just like me, don't he

Bob's Packard, left to right Shenaz, Parth, Dave at wedding of Shenaz and Parth on 6/26/04. brother Bob in the Packard